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Health practitioners generally describe high blood pressure as silent killer. If left uncontrolled, high blood pressure problem can lead way to health issues like stroke, heart attack, diabetes and heart failure. Lifestyle plays a great role in maintaining our health.

Let’s see here the details of various ayurvedic supplements to lower high BP. We will start with basil leaves.Basil is a common ingredient used for the preparation of herbal products. It is a top recommended remedy for treating high blood pressure troubles. If possible, feel free to include basil in everyday life. Today, many green tea powders are added with basil as a key ingredient. For effective result, feel free to drink green tea with basil leaves twice or thrice per day.

Ayurvedic Supplements To Lower High BPCinnamon is another natural cure to reduce high BP. To get maximum health advantage, it is recommended to put cinnamon powder in daily food recipes that you prepare and eat. Similar to cinnamon, cardamom is another natural cure to treat health issues like high blood pressure problems. It relaxes nerve cells and reduces the occurrence of troubles like stress, anxiety and depression.

Do you like to include flaxseed in daily diet? It is a common remedy recommended to treat high blood pressure troubles. Presence of omega-3 fatty acid is a main feature of flaxseed. It lowers blood cholesterol level and reduces the risk of health issues like cardiovascular diseases. Apart from lowering the cholesterol level, flaxseed is found to be very beneficial to improve the glucose tolerance in body.

Flaxseed also acts as a natural antioxidant and reduces the action of free radicals. This natural cure can be easily availed from markets. Hence feel free to include flaxseed in your daily diet schedule. Garlic is another natural cure for treating hypertension problems. How does garlic function as a natural cure for hypertension problem? This is a common query heard from people.

Generally, garlic functions by improving the blood circulation in body. It relaxes blood vessels and reduces the occurrence of hypertension troubles. At present, you can also get garlic products in the form of extract and tablets from market. So feel free to include garlic products in daily life. Ginger is another natural cure for hypertension problems. It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation in body naturally.

Ginger tea is very easy to prepare from home. For effective result, try to drink ginger tea twice per day. Apart from reducing high blood pressure, ginger tea is also found to be very effective high blood pressure treatment to improve the digestion process in body. Hawthorn, a common ingredient in many among the medicinal products is another cure for high blood pressure problems.

Hawthorn is a Chinese medicine that can provide the user with several health benefits. Preventing clot formation in body, increasing blood circulation and reducing hypertension are some among the main benefits of using hawthorn. For satisfactory result, it is advised to make use of herbal products like Stresx capsule in daily life. It lowers blood pressure devoid of side effects.


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