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Herbal Treatment For Hemorrhoid Swelling To Relieve Piles Pain Safely

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins present in the lowest part of the anus and rectum in the humans. In some instances, the walls of these blood vessels stretch too thin in such a way that the veins bulge and they get irritated.

This happens particularly when an individual poops. Piles are nothing, but swollen hemorrhoids. When it comes to rectal bleeding, piles are stated to be the important cause for the same. They generally clear up in a couple of weeks and they are rarely dangerous. If it does not go away, it should be treated. As most of us believe, surgery is not the only cure available for this problem. To relieve piles pain and also the swelling, herbal remedies called as Pilesgon capsules can be the best choice.

Internal Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment

Pilesgon capsules: This capsule is an herbal treatment for hemorrhoid swelling and also the pain associated with it. These capsules contain intensively researched herbs as ingredients. This herbal treatment is effective in relieving both internal and external piles. In addition, these capsules are effective in preventing the recurrence of piles as well. They are natural non-prescription remedies that are free from any sort of artificial preservatives, binders, fillers, colorants and chemicals. This hemorrhoids herbal treatment can do the following things on piles:

1. Shrinks the mass of piles

2. Repairs tissue damages

3. Relieves pain and itching sensation

4. Eliminates burning sensation and swelling.

These capsules due to the effective ingredients can improve vascular circulation and they are effective in strengthening the veins in the rectal area to prevent recurrence. To relieve piles pain, these capsules contain pain-relieving herbs as ingredients.

What are the constituents?

Before opting for this bleeding piles natural remedy, it would be better to understand its constituents.

1. Shudh Takan is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can effectively help with getting rid of swelling in piles. In addition, its antimicrobial actions will address and will prevent infections caused by piles.

2. The anti-coagulant properties of khun shosha will prevent the coagulation in piles and its ability to cure ulcers will also help with piles treatment.

3. Indrajau is effective in removal of worms and its calming nature will address intestinal disorders.

4.  Ayapana is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties and when infections are addressed, the other ingredients will relieve piles pain.

5. The anti-inflammatory properties of kalijiri will help with reducing the inflammation associated with piles.

6. Rasaunt is known for its antiprotozoal and antiviral properties.

7. Haritaki can address all types of wastes from the body and will promote healthy growth of tissues.

8. Hemsagar has healing properties.

9. The rich tannin content of kttha made it the part of herbal treatment for hemorrhoid swelling.

10. Ritha is an anti-inflammatory herb and so it can address swelling in piles.

11. Nagkesar can address bleeding and so it is added to these capsules.

These ingredients make Pilesgon capsules, the best remedies for hemorrhoids.


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