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Herbal Immune System Booster Supplements To Boost Immunity Levels

Exposure to even one millionth of immune-toxic contamination such as polychlorinated biphenyls, pesticides, mercury, dioxins can disrupt the immunity and evidences suggest the chemicals such as Aberdeen pesticides dump are two time more likely to cause shingles or herpes in young adults.

Immunity causes weight problem, sleep disorders and allergies, infections of bowel, bladder, sinus, and skin. Immune function is highly sensitive and reacts fast to chemicals. People suffering from allergies should avoid exposure to toxins in alcohol, smoke, illicit medicines and should wash foods properly to get rid of harsh chemicals before eating. Sleep deprivation, tiredness and stress can also weaken the immunity, and sleep deprivation and gastrointestinal conditions are interlinked.

Natural Immunity Booster Pills

The change in metabolism due to sleep deprivation can affect carbohydrate metabolism. The problem of stress can trigger vigorous stress response where measurable decline in immunity can be observed. Since these conditions are interlinked, Ayurveda offers cure to improve a variety of symptoms of low immunity including poor metabolism, sleep deprivation and gastrointestinal conditions. Herbal immune system booster supplements e.g. Imutol capsules contain extracts which can regulate digestive functions, relax mind, improve endocrine flow and stress handling power.

These enhance white blood cell count and relax brain to boost immunity levels. The severe changes in immunity due to stress can lead to medical conditions. Extreme stress lowers the natural killer cells in body and reduces microphage activities, needed for immune response. Research states the reaction to stress is common to the immune challenges faced by a person suffering from cold virus as the person who is stressed suffers from poor blood circulation.

A study shows sedentary life and poor food can kill in the range of 310,000 to 580,000 people in U.S. Aerobic exercises can improve white blood cell count – key to the immune system and moderate exercising can also help in activation of immune system. Over exertion should be avoided during exercise. Social isolation can make one feel sick and it fills the brain with anxiety causing chemicals which can make a person die early. The study in Sweden on social anxiety show the people who frequently visited cultural events, museums, and lived with friends and family tend to live longer. The factor reduces distress due to increase in social contacts.

Malnutrition can damage the immune system and junk food with high fat can suppress immunity. One of the key components in junk food is sugar which inhibits phagocytosis, the process involved in white blood cells production to kill bacteria and virus. In Ayurveda, food repeatedly processed and baked is considered unhealthy. Food prepared from freshly picked vegetables, cooked on low heat for specific duration is considered the best of all varieties for the digestive system. Excessively cooked, burned or leftover or those stored for months or years are also not considered healthy in Ayurveda.

Cold drinks, cool or frozen foods and late night dinners should be avoided to prevent weakness of metabolism and to boost immunity levels. These day’s people’s choice of foods is dependent on media presentation and hypes. Herbal immune boosting supplements provide a natural combination of foods to improve general health and immunity without any side effects.


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