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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bleeding Piles And Reduce Hemorrhoid Pain Fast

Hemorrhoid is the swelling found at the back or swollen veins around the anus, which is also known as piles. Piles are of two types – internal piles are not painful as upper point of the anal canal does not contain any pain nerve.

But, external piles are painful as they are in the lower part of the anal canal, which has pain nerve fibers. Piles are not much painful, unless bleeding is disrupted.

Bleeding Piles Natural Remedy

Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoid are:

1. Bleeding while passing the stool

2. A serious itching problem at the bottom

3. Discharge of mucus after passing of stool

4. Swollen anus.

Causes of Hemorrhoids:

Constipation is the most frequent and perpetual cause for hemorrhoids. However, this is not the only cause of piles. Some of the other causes are:

1. Untreated celiac diseases like dysentery

2. During pregnancy, the size of the uterus

3. Obesity.

Copious medications are prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoid. But, there are also some natural ways to get rid of bleeding piles and to reduce the pain, which do not cause any adverse effect to the body.

6 Natural Ways to get rid of bleeding piles and reduce pain:

1. Take-in a large amount of liquid: Drink enough amount of water as a remedy for hemorrhoid. This is helpful in reduction of hemorrhoid pain.

2. Pilesgon capsules: These capsules are ayurvedic, which help in curing the piles. This piles herbal treatment remedy is not harmful for any individual, as this is herbal formula for the cure of piles.

3. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the plant that gives an aid to the person infected. This can be used both internally and externally.

4. Witch Hazel: The leaves and the crust of the herb witch hazel are used to cure piles. This is a natural product; therefore, this does not create any harm to human body. It is not only the tonic to cure piles, but it is also an antiseptic and analgesic.

5. Butchers Broom: The roots of this herb are commonly used as the medication for hemorrhoid. This internal hemorrhoids natural treatment is helpful to prevent veins from passing the fluid.

6. Losing Weight: Obesity can also be the cause of hemorrhoid. A person must try to remain healthy and fit to get rid of piles. A person has to do exercise regularly to remain fit and strong, so that there is no possibility of occurrence of any disease and it also helps in hemorrhoid.

Conclusion: Piles can be a dreadful disease and it can prove very, very harmful for the human body. Therefore, adopt proper steps to mitigate this disease. However, natural and synthetic, both the approaches are available. But, it is great to choose the natural mode. So, be natural and get rid of this disease naturally.


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